Googling Odin

Odin seems to be better known than Máni, though there are still a couple of surprises when you Google him:

Odin – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This is the article about the chief god in North Germanic tradition; for other uses see Odin (disambiguation). For a comparative discussion of North and …
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ODIN New York
Odin New York introduces its series with three modern interpretations of time-honored fragrance traditions. Indentical amber colored, architectural lines … – Cached –
Nov 30, 2005 … The chief divinity of the Norse pantheon, the foremost of the Aesir. Odin is a son of Bor and Bestla. He is called Alfadir, Allfather, … › … › Mythology › Europe › Norse mythology – Cached –
ODIN Technologies-ODIN technologies
Return on investment, security and business process improvement should drive RFID adoption, ODIN solutions are based on short-term impact and long-term … – Cached –
ODIN : The deity from Norse Mythology
Nov 2, 2005 … Norse Mythology: the Viking Gods of Scandinavia. ODIN: The Norse Biggy. ODIN is Father of the Gods, King of ASGARD, Ruler of the AESIR and … – Cached –
ODIN – Online Dakota Information Network | Online Dakota …
My Library Topics. ODIN. Website Feedback. Unknown Library … ODIN Web site update & changes ( Last updated : 09-08-06 13:31:09 ) MORE. Library Spotlight … – Cached –
Odin – Marvel Universe: The definitive online source for Marvel …
Odin possessed a variety of superhuman attributes common to the superhuman race of beings known as the Asgardians. Odin was superhumanly strong and was … – Cached –
HomePageNew2 – Cached –
Odin’s Home Page
This small copper alloy figure is possibly a representation of Odin, who gave one eye in exchange for wisdom. The statue belongs to the Statens Historiska … – Cached –
Project ODIN
Home of the project that has the goal to allow an end user to run Win95/98/NT programs on OS/2, without the need to modify or recompile the source code. – Cached –
News results for Odin
Prep Basketball – Parrish 60 shy of all-time scoring record, Odin …‎ – 2 hours ago
The Odin Eagles scored 11 straight points to start the fourth quarter to put some distance between them and Patoka in a 73-60 win. …
WJBD Online

I think we need to make Asgard SEO friendly! I’m honestly a bit surprised that old One-Eye doesn’t control the first page of his Google results. He should dominate. Instead we get some fragrances, basketball, and some end user stuff (and I think the Odin Eagles would be better named the Odin Ravens or the Odin Wolves, but that’s just me…)

I don’t really need to say anything about Odin here. Of all our gods he is the best known besides maybe Thor. I hardly need to recount who and what he is, other than to say that the whole “All Father” thing is less recent than the “Valfather” – in other words, less “Father of All” than “Father of the Slain”.

(Speaking of SEO, I have done that for A Heathen’s Day, at least in part. Since I plan on moving my domain to a new host and switching to Word Press, I don’t want to go overboard.)

It’s interesting Googling Heathen subjects. You get all kinds of crazy stuff having nothing to do with ancient Norse religion. But then the names of our gods, names from our mythology – not to mention our sacred symbols – are catchy and popular. I can’t think of anything that gets more mileage than perhaps Hellenism (I mean, Nike shoes? Come on, man! Delphi audio systems? Come on, man!).

Where, in short, would the modern monotheistic world be without polytheism’s vast history and traditions? Can you imagine our world if we take out every reference to things polytheistic in origin? It would be to create a black hole in the heart of our culture, including our national government and countless scores of Greco-Roman buildings modeled on the Hellenistic temple.

What Odin should be remembered for, what should come to mind when you think of him, is his sacrifices for his people, for knowledge, for wisdom, and for giving to us the mead of poetry. If you’re going to model yourself after someone, you could do far worse than the Father of the Slain.

Author: Hrafnkell

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  1. I know the feeling of googling anything Heathen, Asatru, etc. I am trying to find some traditional Heathen clothing or patterns for a Yule gift and am only finding wool sweaters and lots of christian sites denouncing Heathenry, Paganism, etc.

  2. Frustrating, isn't it? We have some community building to do, I think. Some concerted effort and we could push some of these nonsense items out of the first page at least.

    But that would be a superficial gain only. We really need to have substance behind our posts and our websites and articles, and we need to be web-savy. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) would go a long way towards accomplishing the first goal. (the Wikipedia article on that is here

    There are a lot of articles out there explaining things you can do to tweak your blogs and sites. But then we're back to substance – creating Heathen things so that we have something that makes use of that optimization.

  3. i agree. we need to be a bit smarter about SEO if we want more visibility, but the real stalling point is content. we need more thoughtful sites and blogs that speak to timely subjects and concerns of our daily lives. in time, i'm sure we will see it happen, but right now there are so many appropriations of cultural elements that have been completely divorced from their original meaning that our adoption of these ideas just gets lost.

  4. Absolutely, nod. One problem is the Evangelicals are well-funded and well-organized and fanatical about it all…we're not, not, and not. So they get their message out all glossy and fancy and control public opinion. Our attempts are rather sorry in comparison. And I really don't think we have to be numerous to do a better job than we are.

  5. Greetings from Montreal,
    I guess it depends on which name of Odin's many name's you are googling.
    Wotan might get you something different as I found out the hard way. Not being of Scandinavian descent, I've settled for Woden.

    Woden mit uns!

    PS. How does one pronounce Hrafnkell?

  6. Hello Galaxian. Yes, I'm sure Woden/Wotan would give me some different results. Of course, being Norse and not German, I chose Odin. I should try the others some time to see what results I get for those.

    Hrafnkell is pronounced, in Old Icelandic, "Hrab-n-kedl"

  7. Intriguing, "Hrab-n-" sounds like Raben, the German word for Raven.
    I'm guessing Ravenstream? Ravenhill?
    ahh, just looked up "Hrafnkels saga" …
    So much to learn.
    I've been a pagan for most of my adult life in that I've always had a high tolerance and respect, for other religions, however never could I wrap my mind around the "peoples of the books" and their extreme fundamentalism so thank you for teaching me to think more like a Heathen.
    You know, with facts n stuff 😉
    Facts are good.
    Life is good.

  8. Galaxian, spot on. It means something like "Raven Helm". Facts are good – all people need to do is open their minds up to facts, process the data in their brains, and open their eyes again and see how they see the world then, without the dogmatic expectations of religions of the book with their "You're free to examine the question as long as your conclusion is 'X'."

    We Heathens have a book but it doesn't matter if we take the stories in it literally, but they've gone and married themselves to theirs and now they're looking pretty silly.

  9. Hraf,
    where are you? Is everything ok? Knowing that your son has health issues, I have been concerned that there has been a crisis…or some other unrelated crisis that we know nothing of. Hoping that all is well for you and yours in this New Year. Want you to know you are missed! A candle is lit for you this day…

  10. I’m well, Cameron. We had a bout of intestinal flu over the weekend gift of my son’s friends at school but we’re recovered now. I didn’t do much writing or posting for the two weeks he was home. I’m hoping to get back in the saddle now as I’ve several articles to write for several different people – GodsOwnParty? and NewsJunkiePost – as well as pieces for myself and the book I’m trying to put finishing touches on.

  11. Hey Hraf…I am sure by now that you are past the flu, the book is probably still eating up your time – want to let you know that your presence here at A Heathen’s Day is PROFOUNDLY missed – I keep an eye out for when you are able to resume posting.
    Meanwhile, I have a bit of silly fun for you –

    This is a song by one of my all time favorite singers – Alexander James Adams, live performance on You Tube…it’s called a “Troll in Valhalla” and while being goofy as all get out, there is a wonderful fierce Viking spirit in it that I think you would enjoy! (and by all means, watch the rest of this concert series – it’s excellent!) Hope all is well, feel free to touch base by email, if you so desire. And I would LOVE to get a copy of your book, once published and available!

  12. Hey Cameron, thanks for the link. I’ll go watch that right now! I’m writing as much as I can, but spreading myself pretty widely in the process. But it’s coming along. I just hope it’s something I can get published when I get to that point!

  13. What a great web log. I spend hours on the internet reading blogs, about tons of various themes. I have to first of all give kudos to whoever built your theme and intermediate of all to you for writing what i can only describe as an unbelievable article. I honestly consider there is a skill to writing articles that only a few posses and frankly you got it. The combining of informative and quality content is definitely highly infrequent with the large amount of blogs on the net.

  14. Thank you, Eboni. I am gratified to hear that and I look forward to hearing from you again.

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